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Hexahydrocannabinol - What you should know about HHC!

It seems like there is always a new promising cannabinoid from the hemp plant, this article is all about the effects of HHC and how similar the effects of HHC are to THC. Which substances lead to which effects? Why are we only hearing about HHC products now? Although HHC flowers and HHC hash are traded, there is no real HHC cannabis. The active ingredient hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is naturally found in the hemp plant, but the HHC content is so low that it would not be worthwhile for the industry to breed these cannabis plants.

What is behind the HHC flowers?

Well, they are usually sold regular CBD (cannabidiol) which, with the help of some HHC spray or HHC oil, becomes the novelty "HHC flowers". According to many reports of experience, the herb mill used becomes permanently clogged when the flowers are ground. This is a phenomenon for many consumers, but it is easy to explain. The buds are coated in a potent HHC oil to induce a potent effect. For Davivi, HHC buds are just hot air that we deliberately want to stay away from. Our focus is on pure cannabinoids with very low levels of THC and CBD. The amounts used vary depending on the HHC vape purchased.

What is the best way to store HHC flower?

As already indicated, behind the HHC buds there is nothing more than refined CBD buds. Of course, the storage could vary a bit, since depending on the hexahydrocannabinol used by the supplier, it could be at least a little more protected from external influences due to the beneficial properties of HHC. Bottom Line: Care for your HHC cannabis flowers just like you would CBD hemp, as it is nothing different.

HHC » Learn all about the THC-like compound and where to buy the best products with HHC

According to experience reports and scientific studies, the effect of HHC is 10-70% identical to the effect of the cannabinoid THC. Even though most HHC products, like ours, observe a generous limit of 0.02% THC, the "novel cannabinoid" HHC promises very similar effects.

Why is THC banned and HHC not?

Like many other products on the market, there are now new loopholes in the hemp plant that are not explicitly mentioned in certain paragraphs. HHC products are mainly bought as a pure extract, eg as a vape oil with or without terpenes. Our range is also limited to high-quality HHC oils, which are completely free of pollutants and unwanted by-products such as other cannabinoids. Discover top quality from EU-certified industrial hemp on Davivi.de.

Why is HHC on everyone's lips?

The hype surrounding hexahydrocannabinol is mainly due to the drug policy in the United States. While many US states have implemented legality around industrial hemp, a large number of states continue to refuse to use any advantages in the production of cannabis plants economically for themselves. Since the governments in the EU countries do not act very differently, HHC is also very popular in European countries. According to information from the scientific community, consumption of HHC (9r-hhc) will produce almost identical effects as would be the case with the regular delta 9 thc variant (which is the illegal variant of the cannabis plant). According to numerous user reports, this can be confirmed.

What is the legal situation? Are HHC flowers legal?

According to the "new psychoactive substances law", HHC products are legal cannabinoids depending on how they are obtained. Of course, only as long as the values ​​of the Delta-9 THC with a limit of 0.2% are observed. We advise against buying HHC flowers, as the effects of production and the raw materials used are unfortunately not transparently communicated.

Buy HHC – you should pay attention to that

Choosing the right terpenes is one of the foundations of buying Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) right. What criteria should I consider when buying HHC? The selection of HHC items is immense, but how do I find the right products. On our site you will find countless insights into the world of cannabis plants. One of the most popular items on the entire world market is currently the HHC oil, which is further processed into a vape oil with the addition of natural terpenes. The effects of these extracts can be compared to the effects of THC.

How is HHC made?

The production of hexahydrocannabinol takes place during a process called "hydrogenation", which involves adding a hydrogen molecule separately to the cannabinoid in a fairly simple process. Check out our page for a detailed article on the manufacturing process of HHC .

Is HHC the same as THC?

No, HHC and THC are very similar in terms of effect and chemical structure, but they are by no means identical cannabinoids. It is interesting that the psychoactive compound hexahydrocannabinol also consists of two main carriers, similar to the case with Delta-9 THC. So there is an active and inactive ingredient in HHC. The active drug group is called HHC-R9, the inactive part is called 9S-HHC. As is well known, tetrahydrocannabinol has the inactive counterpart cannabidiol (CBD), which is also non-psychoactive and can even have an anti-psychotic effect. However, science is still very divided on the effects of CBD, and it is sometimes even forbidden to advertise the benefits of cannabidiols within certain EU countries.

CBD products as a tried and tested, safe alternative

As discussed in the previous section, CBD products are always a safe and non-hazardous solution. It is said that you cannot lose your driver's license immediately if you have a positive 12 panel drug screen, as it is possible to write off the user for using illegal cannabis afterwards. Note, however, that the THC limit of the product used is not much higher than 0.15% (the legal limit is almost Europe-wide at 0.2%)

How is HHC different from CBD?

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) and cannabidiol (CBD), are two cannabinoids common in the cannabis plant, which differ immensely in terms of effects. While CBD is one of the more than safer cannabinoids, HHC is in the spotlight because it has a nearly identical structure to THC, but is unlikely to fall under the new Psychoactive Substances Act or Narcotics Act. The perception and effects will result in a similar cannabis experience depending on the HHC levels, compound and manufacturing process, which is why it is often offered as a THC alternative on the market. According to our information, there is now a new HHC derivative on the market, which is supposed to lead to a modified sativa high by adding more hydrogen molecules. In our shop we only sell well-known HHC-R9 oils, which have been on the market for decades and are continuously improving and developing.

Buy HHC flowers with Paypal?

Selling and buying hemp products and especially HHC flowers or vape cartridges poses great challenges for many online suppliers. Paypal is one of the payment processors that doesn't want transactions with alleged cannabis products to be included as article titles in the table of contents at all. The reason why there are some shops that can currently still trade with Paypal is that Paypal has not yet paid any attention to the shop provider.

The therapeutic utility of HHC

HHC Vapes – a popular form of administration

Is HHC legal?

Since hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is a cannabinoid from the hemp plant, a much stricter set of rules applies than would be the case with other substances. It is important to note what type of manufacturing the item has enjoyed. One of the common methods of producing HHC is what is known as "hydrogenation", in which CBD or THC are modified to the desired cannabinoids. In most cases, all you have to do is add just one hydrogen molecule to the cannabinoids used to get the desired result: HHC. Another method of producing HHC is through the pure extraction of the active ingredient from hemp seeds.

HHC flowers near me?

There is a demand for HHC flowers in many parts of the world, but unfortunately no one knows that these supposed flowers are not natural cannabis at all. Behind the "HHC Buds" is nothing more than typical CBD flowers, which are "refined" with oils or sprays. We at Davivi.de do not offer any HHC flowers because we have focused on pure HHC extracts.

How can HHC flowers be grown?

There will very likely never be a time in the history of the cannabis plant when HHC is produced completely naturally. Currently, and likely forever, HHC is not grown and cultivated in greenhouses, but will continue to be a product of producers and chemists in the lab. The desired levels of hexahydrocannabinol are so low in the cannabis plant that it would not be commercially viable to grow this type of hemp.

What are Hexahydrocannabinol flowers?

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC buds) are harmless CBD buds that are sprayed/treated with strong and nondescript sprays or oils. For the hemp industry, the cultivation of HHC-containing cannabis plants is currently not relevant, so suppliers of HHC buds use nothing but conventional CBD buds and sell them for ten times the price than before, awesome right?

What is the difference between HHC flowers and marijuana flowers?

It is repeatedly argued that legality of THC will play a positive role in the development of health and youth protection. We are talking about contaminated cannabis, which is no longer only circulating on the black market.