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Our High Premium Cannabidiol is among the very best CBD trim on the market. Our CBD blend is cultivated indoors in Austria under the best conditions, completely free of herbicides, pesticides and insecticides.

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Blossom Blend - 9% CBD | 30g - 50g

Buy top quality CBD flower trimmings with high CBD content, free from artificial ingredients.

Convince yourself of our premium cannabis flower varieties.

Premium EU Certified Cannabinoids

CBD flower blend

Natural indoor trimmings of top quality with a convincing effect and a high cannabidiol content.

CBD blend is obtained from strictly controlled industrial hemp and is therefore a completely natural raw material from the hemp plant.

Our products comply with the limit for cannabinoids prescribed in the EU and thus comply with the maximum value of 0.2% THC.

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Get 50% discount on HHC

Trading HHC was banned in Austria and Switzerland a few days ago. We therefore feel obliged to offer our entire HHC range at a 50% discount.

The prices only apply from 10 cartridges.

Production of CBD blend

In order to be able to ensure compliance with the limit values, the production of aromatic flowers and other hemp products is subject to greater care than in comparable industries.

Overarching federal laws convey a multitude of requirements and questions in order to be able to analyze the cultivation, sale, consumption, CBD product or effect in more detail.