75% discount on HHC

Buy inexpensive hexahydrocannabinol cartridges

We already offer unbeatable prices throughout the retail sector with our HHC oils from the EU. However, in addition to our discount and cashback campaigns, we would also like to offer our customers another opportunity to buy delicious and cheap HHC online.

With our savings packages you get a volume discount of up to 35%. As a newsletter subscriber, you will receive a further €75 discount on every collector's order, permanently!

Very potent CBD products

Discover high quality CBD Wax and Ice Rocks. These are synthetically manufactured cannabis products.

  • CBD Ice Rocks consist of natural flowers of the hemp plant and are coated with potent CBD oil according to the usual manufacturing process, and then powdered with crystallized cannabidiol. This gives our Ice Rocks a proud value of 74% pure active ingredient.
  • CBD Wax is the pinnacle of CBD extracts. This shatter is passed through extensive water filtration and with the help of high water pressure, completely separating the active ingredient from the plant.

Buy HHC products

With our cartridges from the EU, we offer unbeatable value for money compared to all competing products. Convince yourself of our selected hexahydrocannabinol range from long-standing and experienced partners in the cannabis industry.

We do without cheap HHC oil and ceramic cartridges. The THC value of all HHC oils from our shop is less than 0.02%.

High quality CBD from Austria

Try our Austrian CBD products, which are grown and cultivated completely free of pesticides, herbicides and insecticides. The history of the hemp plant goes back thousands of years.

We offer an inexpensive alternative to overpriced CBD flowers. A look at the CBD blend category promises tempting prices & convincing quality.

Cali HHC oil from America

The original hype about hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) came from America. The drug policy situation there is also increasingly complicated and unique. While some US states have already raised the green flags, there are many neighboring states where possession and trafficking of cannabis (Delta-9 THC) remain criminalized.

For this reason, HHC enjoys great popularity in America.

  • We brought a piece of America to Germany with our Cali vapes.
  • Maximum possible HHC-R9 content included
  • Low proportion of inactive HHC components
  • High quality heating elements with gold plated design

Familiar CBD hash strains

The beginning of the history of the Black Afghan Hound goes way back to antiquity. How much our CBD hash actually has to do with this story is unclear to us, too. We have therefore chosen the name of this variety, since this hashish mainly reflects the typical characteristics of this variety.

Davivi CBD hash tastes & smells exactly as the memory of hash remains.

CBD flower residue - trimmings

Of course, during the manufacturing process of our high-premium flowers, there is also trimming work. The CBD blend from Davivi only contains flower residues, which accumulate during the usual cleaning and refining of the flowers. We do not use leftover stock or other inferior leftover products.

Convince yourself of a cheaper alternative to conventional CBD products. Quality does not always have to be expensive.

Reusable vape pens

The team behind Davivi doesn't think much of disposable products. Unfortunately, the HHC trend has presented a major opportunity for the single use market.

  • We still don't let that get us down and offer a better and, in the long run, significantly cheaper alternative to ALL disposable vapes.
  • Our current models are also supplied with easy operation and a charger. The current battery capacity of our HHC battery mods is 900mAh.
  • Of course, all of our products (pens + cartridges) support the standard dimensions of 510mm.
  • Several different modes
  • No limited number of moves

Side facts about HHC

Effect of HHC

  • According to scientific research, the effects triggered by HHC are almost identical to those of the illegal related cannabinoid, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Benefits of HHC

  • In contrast to Delta 10 forms, at least according to many field reports and statements by public figures, not detectable in the broad blood count.
  • Buying HHC is, at least as of the current date (03/20/2023), completely legal and is not covered by the law

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