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Why can't you find any HHC vapes under €50?

The truth about HHC providers

The only logical answer why our "competition", if you can give the other providers such a title, offers their products for such immense prices, is mainly because the typical web shops for CBD and HHC products are exclusively for the enrichment of the operators serves.

There are a few exceptions, to companies that sell legal cannabis products in Germany and generally within the EU, and at the same time have the sole focus on the satisfaction of their customers as their purpose in life. We at Davivi can offer you an excellent catalog with multi-faceted HHC products .

HHC providers gamble you money out of your pocket

Most of the time you can already tell from the processing of the cartridge whether it is a cheap product, for this most dealers use cheaply processed, plastic-powered goods for their vape attachments. Assuming you are toying with the idea of ​​buying an expensive high-dose HHC extract, you should always be careful not to buy very expensive and yet poorly processed oils from the first best dealer next door.

It is also not uncommon for suppliers who offer overpriced products, such as a 1ml vape cartridge with 94% HHC and 6% terpenes for €49.99, not to use natural hexahydrocannabinol for their products at all. It is significantly cheaper to obtain the desired HHC through a purely chemical process. We attach great importance to the purity of our products. We also guarantee you a maximum THC value of 0.02% on our products. The limit value introduced in Germany for the almost always occurring "main active ingredient" tetrahydrocannabinol in cannabis products is 0.2%.

Find the right HHC provider

So buying HHC can quickly lead to uncertainty about the actual content of the goods and at the same time to receiving very cheaply processed products that may even be illegal.

At this point we would like to mention again that our products are by no means suitable for consumption or consumption, as with all other reputable suppliers on the Internet, our HHC oil is exclusively flavored products. Our vape cartridges are solely for display and the good smell it creates.

Here you will find our HHC cartridges with 92-99% pure HHC

E-commerce, why is HHC so expensive?

So why are so many buying HHC cartridges?

It is completely normal that many customers are persuaded to buy an HHC cartridge for well over 40 euros, after all, the vast majority of dodgy online shops lure with 10% discount vouchers, this is usually enough to make a short-term decision from the to lure users.

For the most part, the providers convince with their design and supposedly "serious" appearance. However, when you begin to delve a little more into the claims and "facts" of the self-proclaimed top traders, you quickly realize that they are almost entirely lies.


If you are looking for high-quality HHC cartridges with a pure active ingredient content of over 92% hexahydrocannabinol, you've come to the right place at www.davivi.de. We offer the very best price-performance ratio in Europe. If you want to know more about HHC / CBD / THC, or in general hemp and hemp politics, subscribe to our newsletter and don't miss any important news regarding cannabis politics.


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Here you will find our HHC cartridges with 94-99% pure HHC

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