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Is HHC a Synthetic Cannabinoid?

According to German law, the question of whether HHC is a synthetic cannabinoid cannot be clearly assessed. The fact that hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is one of 114 other identified purely naturally occurring cannabinoids hardly raises the question of legality. However, a highly concentrated HHC extract, which is often sold and also by us, is made with completely natural cannabinoids, but logically a synthetic process is required for such a complex manufacturing process in order to be able to dose the active ingredient so high. Thus, the HHC cartridges are a product with 100% natural cannabinoids , but a synthetic process is required for production. Our oil has a maximum THC content of 0.02%.

Cannabis umbel

Here you will find our HHC extracts with 99% pure HHC-R9 .

For the production of the well-known HHC oil, the well-known CBD (cannabidiol) is normally used as the basic active ingredient. For this, the industry usually uses the deviled crop, also called industrial hemp, with the highest possible CBD and HHC content.

Of course, we can only speak of our service. Davivi offers you many standards.

  • All products are tested in an external laboratory for quality and cannabinoid content according to EU standards for industrial hemp analysis.
  • Without synthetic terpenes.
  • Our products are not medical products, but pure aroma products
  • We receive our cannabidiol products exclusively from EU countries, which are 100% naturally grown, without chemicals
  • No tax under 18 years!

Below you will find much more information about HHC and our products.

If you want to learn MUCH more about HHC, check out our in-depth blog articles. Here you can find a little more about the legal situation regarding cannabis

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