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Legal situation regarding cannabis products within the EU | HHC oil

In this article we will finally answer the question of whether and in which EU countries cannabis products can be sold, and if so, which of the "neighboring countries" would like to benefit from the economic boom from industrial hemp and under what conditions can it be sold.

Laws on the Regulated Sale of THC Containing Cannabis Products for Businesses

In general, fortunately, the European Parliament already agreed on a "cannabis agreement" some time ago. "Fortunately" is an allusion to the project that is currently threatened with failure, the legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes in Germany. To be honest, however, one must also admit that the thought of decriminalizing or even legalizing products containing THC above a limit of 0.2% within Germany was never considered possible. Due to the conservative mentality of the population and the urge for a parallel world of the CDU/CSU government that no longer seems to change. So it is perhaps not so unrealistic that the sudden change from the 16-year-old Angela Merkel era to a colored traffic light coalition has changed.

In general, if the federal government manages to correct the Narcotics Act, there is no other option than a nationwide implementation of this touted cannabis campaign.

We will first answer you the basic information about the regulation in Italy:

The legal status of CBD and cannabis is a bit more straightforward in Italy compared to some other European countries. Hemp-derived CBD oil is legal to buy and sell provided it contains less than 0.6% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). With this relatively high THC content, Italy is in line with some international leaders, but still within the threshold set by EU-wide free trade.

In addition to CBD oils, cannabis varieties with a high CBD and low THC content are also permitted in Italy - the so-called "cannabis light". So if you are looking for a relaxed approach to CBD and cannabis products, Italy could be the right country for you!

Is CBD legal in Italy?

The legality of CBD in Italy is covered by the free movement of goods in the European Union. This means that CBD oil, which is derived from hemp and contains less than 0.6% THC, can be legally bought and sold in the country. CBD oil is a popular product among Italians for its multiple health benefits. The exact regulations for CBD oil are still being worked out, but current law allows the product to be freely offered throughout Italy. This is good news for anyone looking to improve their health and well-being naturally.

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In general, the legal status of CBD and cannabis in Italy is more relaxed compared to some other European countries.

Is it legal to use cannabis for recreational purposes in Italy?

In Italy, the use of cannabis for medical and industrial purposes is allowed, but not for recreational use. The cultivation of cannabis is also regulated and you are only allowed to grow a limited number of plants for your own use. However, possession and consumption of small amounts of cannabis for personal use is not punishable.

Despite these restrictions, there is a growing movement to legalize recreational cannabis in Italy. Proponents argue that legalization would help reduce crime and increase tax revenues, while generating much-needed regulation of the cannabis industry.

Opponents argue that legalization could lead to an increase in drug use and abuse, particularly among younger people. The debate about the legal regulation will certainly continue in the coming years.

Legal situation regarding cannabis products in Italy HHC CBD THC

Is hemp legal in Italy?

When it comes to hemp laws, Italy compares favorably to other European countries.

Italian legislation on hemp cultivation, passed in 2016, makes it completely legal, with a maximum THC content of 0.2% and a tolerance limit of up to 0.6%. Cannabis sativa L. can be used for a number of industrial purposes including:

food and cosmetic products
Semi-finished products such as textiles, powder, oils or fuels
raw material for use as cover manure; organic material for biotechnical works or products for green building
Plant protection products for the remediation of polluted sites.

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The benefits of hemp are numerous and varied. The plant is environmentally friendly because it requires little water and no pesticides. Hemp cultivation supports Italian farmers and the economy. Because of these multiple uses, the cultivation of hemp in Italy is an important activity, both from an economic and environmental point of view.

THC limits in Italy

Although cannabis is illegal in Italy, a specific low-THC, high-CBD cannabis strain known as "Cannabis Light" is allowed to be bought and sold. This cannabis strain has a very low THC content, typically between 0.2% and 0.6%. In Italy, Cannabis Light is usually sold in the form of dried flowers, which look exactly like other cannabis flowers.

However, unlike other cannabis strains, the effects of Cannabis Light are not psychoactive. This is because the THC responsible for the psychological effects is still present in very small amounts. This means that people who use cannabis light do not experience the "high" typically associated with marijuana use.

Cannabis Light is becoming increasingly popular in Italy, especially among young people. This is probably because it is a much safer method than cannabis products containing THC.

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Can I take my CBD oil with me on holiday to Italy?

Yes, you can safely take your CBD oil with you to Italy. Just make sure to pack it securely so it doesn't accidentally spill out in your luggage. In addition, you should definitely use proof of purchase and the unopened original packaging as a means of transport, otherwise you can understandably be accused of carrying out unlawful acts.

Is HHC allowed in Italy?

As in almost all other EU countries, there are still no precise regulations when it comes to hydrogenated cannabinoids. In general, the regulation agreed in Brussels stipulates that all cannabis products available on the market may contain a strictly controlled maximum value of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In general, there is no ban on HHC products in any of the countries discussed in this article, but in theory it is possible, especially HHC extracts, to be changed without any effort of a draft law. Thus, for example, the federal and state governments, especially Karl Lauterbach and other similar title-bearing counterparts

Is HHC legal in France?

Legal basis for cannabis products in the EU state of France

HHC, the new star of the cannabis 2.0 industry , is also on the rise in France. This molecule is found in the cannabis plant, but is mostly made in laboratories. If its manufacturing method pulls the rug out from under the authorities, its almost unknown potency allows it to escape the narcotics blacklist. Is HHC allowed as it is not prohibited? We intend to pursue this question in this article.

HHC or hexahydrocannabiol was discovered in 1944 by American chemist Roger Adams when he added hydrogen molecules to delta-9-THC , the hallucinogenic compound in cannabis. However, hexahydrocannabiol is already naturally present in cannabis seeds and cannabis flowers, albeit in very small amounts. It is therefore a very rare natural cannabinoid, but it can be synthetically produced in the laboratory. The different methods of generating the HHC

Hydrogenating THC or the Roger Adams method is not the only way to create HHC. It is also possible to convert certain cannabinoids like CBD, CBC or CBN into HHC.

The rather complicated process usually begins with the extraction of the cannabinoids directly from the plant. A catalyst then changes the chemical formula of the extracted cannabinoid isolate to that of HHC. The details of the manufacturing process remain unknown, especially as manufacturers jealously guard their recipes. What is certain, however, is that they use solvents, hydrochloric acid and other chemicals that are difficult to detect in the end product. HHC is more persistent than THC

HHC can almost be described as the more resilient form of THC, for example because it is not afraid of the air or natural light. The molecule does not transform despite exposure to oxidation, heat and UV rays.

Therefore, you don't necessarily need to store an HHC product in a dark place, unlike THC. On HHC Vape you have the possibility to choose between many products based on HHC. Despite this, we never recommend storing your vape cartridges sideways. As a result, the mouthpiece can become clogged even with the highest quality cartridges.

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If you are interested in the exact differences between THC and HHC, check out our in-depth article on the subject.

Is HHC legal in France?

The legality of HHC depends on the legislation of each country. In France it is neither forbidden nor explicitly allowed, but that is not necessarily the case in the other states. But while the regulations say nothing about HHC, they do ban certain toxic substances that are commonly used in the manufacture of synthetic cannabinoid. It is accordingly important that you research the ingredients of your CBD product, especially if you are a retailer.

The legal loophole in the European Union

In the member states of the European Union such as France, hexahydrocannabinol is not yet listed as a narcotic. The reason for this is that there is not enough research yet to label HHC as a drug or not. In the meantime, the use and marketing of HHC is widely tolerated at both national and European levels.

However, the fact that legislation is silent on HHC does not preclude it from being potentially dangerous or contributing to addiction. It is therefore up to everyone to question the composition of HHC products (not all suppliers necessarily share the same ethics) to assess the risks and benefits.

legal THC for recreational use

The concrete effects of HHC are still unknown

In fact, more and more people are talking about HHC. Some praise it as particularly well-tolerated, while others describe it as a synthetic cannabinoid, similar to Spice or other narcotics that are banned today. Whatever is said about HHC, let's not forget that:

We don't yet have enough research and clinical studies to support the positive or negative effects of HHC. It is therefore too early to generalize about the effects reported by some users.
HHC derived from THC hydrogenation certainly does not have the same stereo-stereochemistry as HHC derived directly from CBD. With good reason, CBD is converted into THC Delta-8 and then into HHC using solvents and other synthetic catalytic agents. So, the potential harmful effects of HHC could come from these intruding substances during the forming process and in the HHC product.

In short, HHC legislation is still in its infancy. As long as this cannabinoid is not included in the current classifications, it has legal status in France and in all European Union countries. However, research is evolving and new discoveries will soon allow French leaders to regulate the HHC industry. In the meantime, it is up to users to be well informed to ensure responsible consumption.

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What is the legal situation regarding HHC in Germany?

Federal Court of Justice Berlin | What is the basis for cannabis policy regarding HHC (hexahydrocannabinol)

Where is HHC legal?

In the most common cases, our EU countries, including Germany, Austria, France, Italy, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic mentioned in this article, but also independent Switzerland, do not yet have any precise regulations on what hexahydrocannabinol (HHC for short) is. concerns. This is mainly because a trend for vape cartridges and similar high-dose items has only recently emerged. As already formulated in this article , this is due to the fact that, especially in US states, legalization has only been partial and thus the rush to alternative substances that are not covered by the law but nevertheless have a very similar effect

As a rule, the so-called "cannabis agreement" applies within the EU in most cases. Most states, at least those with a seat in the European Parliament, have largely agreed to introduce a rule for "legal" cannabis. To this end, most economies within the EU have chosen to tolerate a very low level of THC, as long as this limit is respected cannabis products can be bought and distributed without problems in most European markets.

As of this writing (October 24th, 2022), there is no official ban on any goods filled with HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) in any of the countries mentioned. According to many CBD traders and legal professionals, including some partners, the theory is that such a ban would not involve any additions or changes to existing laws. So it would obviously be enough if individual federal states declared a potential danger to life and limb, and that a certain type of product, eg dabbing extracts or HHC gummy bears, could pose a potential danger to life and limb, as already mentioned. Thus, the Cannabis Coalition would not have to worry about how best to regulate the cannabinoids market.

According to our readers and members, the vast majority do not expect any government spending on regulation for a "thc free" cannabis market. As a free member + active newsletter subscriber, receive a permanent 75 € order voucher for your future collector's orders. Please note that you will not find 1ml HHC oil cartridges in this purity of 94-99% HHC cheaper anywhere else. Thanks to an excellent, well-maintained network of manufacturers and wholesalers, Davivi.de is able to offer an unbeatable buyer experience. Our highly dosed HHC vape extracts cost just 40 euros per 1 ml, even though our extracts and evaporator heads were manufactured in Germany in the highest quality. So if you are a member you even get an unbeatable price of 30 € per 1 ml with us, but you also have to order a little larger than just a single oil cartridge. From 10x 1ml you save 30% on your order, so don't forget to subscribe to our email.

What is the legal situation in Austria?

Austrian flag | Austria flag | AT

Cannabis policy in Austria | Can you buy and sell online CBD or other cannabinoids permitted in Germany in Austria?

Since we have already published an article about the legal situation in AT , we will not go into more detail about Austria in this blog.

Part 2 of this article follows. So if you haven't subscribed to our newsletter yet, you should do so as soon as possible.

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