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HHC withdrawal

This article addresses the coveted question of whether it is possible to cope with drug or cannabis withdrawal with HHC, including cannabinoids such as Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). We also go into HHC withdrawal.

First, we should note that HHC is a psychoactive drug that can obviously be abused to alleviate or even eliminate other addictions. On the other hand, we have CBD, which has an antipsychotic effect and is therefore more of a passive cannabinoid.

Depending on your dependency, you may want to consider seeking help. In some cases, addiction can become dangerous. The most important thing is to have a safe space to discharge the drug and all traces. The symptoms of alcohol abstinence without professional addiction help can become a great danger for the person concerned.

It is important to mention that, of course, a dependency could also develop after regular intake of other psychoactive substances or legal highs. Of course, this does not have to be physical, but we already know that it is not the easiest to get rid of purely psychological dependencies. On our website you will find many articles about drugs, HHC & legal highs.

Therefore, the hypothetical choice of alternative drugs should be treated with extreme caution.

Fight addiction to tetrahydrocannabinol with HHC

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Assuming you find yourself losing control of the drug you're using or becoming addicted to isn't doing you any good, you might consider (if you haven't already) started with the easiest alternative in the room.

We're talking about natural cannabinoids like - "Cannabidiol" (CBD).

This substance comes from the usual hemp plant & is completely legal on the one hand and NOT psychoactive like HHC or other legal highs on the other. In addition, there are endless studies on cannabidiol, as this has long been a term used in medicine.

The perception of HHC is completely different, there are hardly any studies and there is no talk of long-term studies.

But the fact is already that HHC is a naturally occurring, active substance of over one hundred and fifty other cannabinoids. It is also currently assumed that the partly plant-based HHC has a very similar effect to illegal cannabis, which obviously belongs to the banned drugs.

One speaks of a 10-70% similar strength, which is said to produce high-dose extracts . This obviously puts the cannabinoids found in industrial hemp back in the limelight. Whether in medicine (industry), or for everyday use by consumers for intoxication or healing purposes. Especially in the western states, where some products with tetrahydrocannabinol are still among the prohibited drugs.

The consumption of cannabis with THC is legal in these US states:

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Massachusetts
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Vermont
  1. Status 03/13/2023

HHC as an alternative to drugs?

In theory, it certainly makes sense to find easier ways than going through typical cold turkey. With heavy use of cannabis, the very typical symptoms of withdrawal are truly a hindrance. Therefore, the well-known "last joint" is a frequent and annoying companion of those stoners who are dissatisfied with their consumption patterns.

Of course, it is possible and even best to actually go completely cold abstinent, and of course this is specifically about cannabis withdrawal as well. Nevertheless, it is sometimes necessary to make compromises. In general, you should pay a lot of attention to stopping drugs. There are many posts on drug withdrawal symptoms, do your own research on any support product as your dependency will vary by drug.

Assuming you are addicted to HHC or other stronger drugs, then you usually assume not only that you really "only" depend on them, but that the entire process has usually become a problem.

By that you mean the process in general, for example rolling a bag, stuffing the bong, loading the vaporizing device, or simply smelling the whole thing.

They quickly become, or may have already realized, that the whole process, as well as doing it (ie smoking/vaping/vaping) is missed more than the actual addictive substance. Of course, the first hours to at least (3-4 days) will be the hardest for the addiction brain.

You may find yourself reeling, questioning why you decided to quit your drug in the first place. At all costs they will see moral doubts in their decisions and look for gaps in the previous thought process. The main thing is that you have the active ingredient in your body again, just as usual.

  • What is interesting, however, is that the truth is that you will suffer a lot more from not being able to keep up with your habits. Addiction to HHC or other drugs can definitely be present, however their withdrawal from Delta9 or HHC will evoke tremendous memories. Our brain tries to stimulate us by any means necessary, so it's natural for our brain to throw us back into old thought patterns over and over again to give us an illusion of self-control.
thoughtful woman

So while we don't deny cravings for the drug at all, HHC or Δ 9 -tetrahydrocannabinol addiction is not a physical addiction.

Again, there is an opinion that withdrawal from hashish or marijuana involves very physical withdrawal. This is also partly true, for one, if you are very active, you will start to sweat very quickly within the first few nights of withdrawal. The consumption of dubious legal highs drugs can also lead to physical withdrawal symptoms.

So it's almost normal within the first two weeks, every hour, to get out of bed at night and dry yourself soaking wet with a towel & only to lie back in the damp bed and then, with a bit of luck, be able to go back to sleep, (sleep and repeat).

A large thread on Reddit serves as a guide for masses of people and provides more answers related to alcohol, tobacco, HHC and other drugs.

Of course, such cannabis withdrawal is only possible with very regular drug use. As a rule, former drug and legal highs cannabis users report such experiences when 1-3g of high-dose indoor cannabis was consumed daily. In addition, it should be noted that every person lives out a completely different consumption behavior. As a result, it is absolutely possible for individual cases to do without regular consumption of HHC / drugs / legal highs.

Consequences of HHC - THC withdrawal

You will also quickly find that you can no longer really feel an appetite without cannabis. This is mainly due to the fact that before that you were very likely to have always smoked weed before eating, or possibly even been able to eat significantly more than you ever thought possible.

Withdrawal from so-called "legal highs" can have far more serious consequences than would be the case with cannabis withdrawal.

So it is normal that with regular drugs or THC, HHC consumption, one has developed a very good appetite. It is all the more normal that if you want to switch from this behavior pattern to a more natural and organic pattern, it can unfortunately take several days to weeks before you can feel a regulated appetite again.

Joint HHC flowers

When we exercise regularly or intensely, we automatically get cravings for food.

Especially when you no longer have an appetite, you can eat small things. All bodily functions (including sleep, blood pressure, bowel movements and appetite) return to normal the longer the cannabis abstinence lasts.

The body needs time to eliminate all of the THC that has built up in the body.

Sport (sweating) is the best friend to speed up this process. You should drink enough water (at least 2 liters) a day and do as much sport as you can. See the whole withdrawal as a whole process of getting back into a fresh and healthy life.

Get help to make it easier to quit cannabis or other drugs. Dealing with drug therapy is slightly different from country to country. Withdrawal symptoms will trigger strong symptoms depending on how the cannabis or alcohol is used.

Exercise without food?

Of course, it is imperative to have processed carbohydrates in the body, which will help you train at full strength. Make yourself a small bowl of delicious rice pudding or similar foods with a lot of carbohydrates, which could still have an appetite-stimulating effect. There are a large number of people who see exercise and food as their natural drug.

For example : Fruity rice pudding with a little sugar and cinnamon.

Excellent before weight training or endurance sports. You don't always have to eat maximum portions before exercising, our body just needs a bit of strength to accelerate. A lot of athletes and also "normalos" can get through intensive strength units or endurance units without meals. There is no ultimate formula, only experience will tell you which path is right for you.

Once you get moving, you'll recharge your batteries and appetite for your next meal much faster .

Sleep problems from HHC withdrawal

Besides hunger, the most annoying point is quitting. of course also the aspect of sleeping. In addition, one or the other will have noticed that without active THC supply, you can no longer sleep as usual at the push of a button.

In addition, many former consumers are plagued & awakened by sweating. If you ever managed to fall asleep.

  • (In order to develop natural fatigue, the brain and body need a few days and weeks to get back to a natural state.)

Many people who are already busy with their work or with regular physical activity will usually have no problems feeling hungry or tired.

Our psyche and body need variety and, above all, exercise.

This behavior is easy to recognize in a dog that should be used to walking long distances every day. Maybe even to sniff at many different exciting things and to perceive new, completely new senses every day. But if that dog suddenly has to be cooped up indoors for several weeks, few would assume that this dog will easily settle down and sleep peacefully at its usual times.

Therefore, do not forget what possibilities our body and mind hide for us. This is a wonderful gift in which to enter and live in harmony and health.

HHC flowers hexahydrocannabinol heavily dosed

Easier drug withdrawal through aids:

More and more approaches to quitting THC or HHC drugs are emerging for many people. As already discussed, there is still the method of cold turkey. If you are strong enough and very motivated at the same time, you can make this way to quit Guaranteed!

But many also take the “semi-cold cannabis withdrawal”, which we have already discussed above.

Especially when quitting THC use, this "semi-cold turkey" method is very popular since you use CBD or HHC as a substitute.

  • ( It should be noted that HHC, in contrast to CBD, is psychoactive and thus also poses a further risk of addiction). In general, one should not resort to other drugs, only perhaps to resort to drugs that are more socially acceptable.
  • Depending on the drug consumption, cold drug withdrawal is not possible and can even be fatal.

As mentioned earlier in this article, you will not only have a craving for THC itself, but more importantly for the whole process/ritual.

So if you've ever been a joint smoker, the craving you'll miss is smoking the joint itself, not necessarily just getting high. Much more they will miss the overall picture, such as: grind, build, and inhale yourself.

That is why many former users of numerous drugs such as THC or legal highs now use the HHC or CBD withdrawal variant.

Important : HHC has a potency of 10-70% of the commercial effects attributed to female cannabis. So it should be clearly mentioned here that high-dose HHC extracts can make you high, regardless of whether they contain THC or not. That's why it's even possible to use extracts with HHC to stimulate the appetite in a similar way. than would be the case with THC products.

It is similar here with tiredness, it is definitely easier to relax than with CBD products, but this is more due to the very identical effect and chemical structure.

An overview of the current legal situation regarding cannabis .

Why do HHC and THC have such an identical effect?

If you look at the exact conception of HHC, you will quickly find that the chemical composition (natural chemical structure of the substance/active ingredient) is almost an identical molecular structure.

The only real difference between THC and HHC is that HHC has three atoms shifted 25 degrees to the right. You can read more about the similarities in structure on our page.

If you are more interested in the differences between HHC and THC , here is a blog on the subject

Conclusion: Initiating the end of an era with drugs does not sound easy and inviting. Withdrawal symptoms require individual handling from drug to drug. As written in this article, it all depends on what drug or cannabis was used, with what intention and at what dose. There is a big thread on Reddit about HHC, Drugs, Withdrawal & Symptoms. There is a wide range of studies around hemp for smoking weed. The most important thing about side effects is consultation with your family doctor.

We are not an alternative to an official guide, especially if you are abstaining from alcohol, we advise you to contact your family doctor immediately.

Visit our website for more posts about the world of cannabinoids and drug use.

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