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Everything about the highly dosed HHC oil

Here you can find our " HHC cartridges "

Could HHC be banned?

In fact, HHC could be banned at any time without even changing the Narcotics Act. Neither would you have to change the Psychoactive Substances Act to ban HHC and other cannabinoids. After all, it is an active ingredient which, like many other substances, including cannabinoids, could be presented as a "danger to life and limb".

Each federal state should therefore decide for itself whether to ban or tolerate this substance.

Unless hexahydrocannabinol is explicitly mentioned, no HHC supplier will really bother with it. Unfortunately, we are not yet ready to implement a sensible and effective drug policy.

Legal text with gavel by judge

HHC has not been specifically banned, but it has not been declared specifically legal either. Our lawyers must first ask themselves why hexahydrocannabinol should be criminalized at all. Because HHC is a completely naturally occurring cannabinoid, which is usually finally taken from the widely studied "industrial hemp plant".

However, for a high strength oil like the one we offer at Davivi, a synthetic manufacturing process is required to deliver and extract the cannabinoid. Otherwise, it would obviously be difficult to obtain such a high-dose drug.

HHC synthetically produced?

Well, the question is not easy to understand at first glance. In principle, it is not permitted in Germany to possess or trade in synthetic or semi-synthetic cannabinoids. If necessary, with a CBD (cannabidiol) extract that obviously has to have gone through a synthetic manufacturing process, there is no question as to whether this is a semi-synthetic cannabinoid. Since, this cannabinoid (in this example CBD), no chemical structure changes are required by the partially synthetic manufacturing process. According to our opinion, the cannabinoid and its active ingredients remain unaffected by chemical influence. The cannabinoid remains 100% natural and pure.

What are HHC flowers?

HHC flowers are industrial hemp flowers (CBD) treated with HHC spray or HHC extracts.

The producers of HHC have taken the classic cannabis experience to a new dimension.
Introducing HHC, a legal cannabinoid that offers benefits. With HHC flowers you can burn your money anywhere and anytime, as they are CBD flowers which are treated as already mentioned.

HHC is a cannabinoid that occurs naturally in the hemp plant. With this info, one should now think that it is possible to harvest HHC flower from the greenhouse. Well, in reality this is true, but unfortunately not in the direct sense.

Production of HHC flowers

For the use of HHC flowers one usually uses varieties which have an enormously high proportion of CBD, this is because the prices can of course quickly be set significantly higher as soon as the goods look stronger and stronger.

When the right buds have finally been selected, the refining can start, it should be mentioned that every plant used for the use of HHC flowers must have an HHC content of approx. has 0.002%.

The selection of products for dusting, refining or coating is enormous. The market for processed goods exists in every industry, so extreme caution should be exercised, especially when purchasing HHC or CBD, or even other cannabinoids. Unfortunately, it is not standard that reference is made to all the raw materials used. So it remains unclear which substance was used to refine the flowers. Buy CBD HHC.

Production of high-dose HHC oil

What is the difference between the female and male hemp plant?

The female hemp plants develop flowers - the high THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content, dried cannabis (6-20%) = marijuana. The male plants, on the other hand, do not produce flowers and therefore contain significantly less THC (< 1%). However, they can affect the production of THC in the female plants. If these are fertilized by the males, seeds are produced instead of cannabis. These seeds do not contain THC and are now being used more and more as edibles. The male plants are mainly used for textiles, as their fibers are finer and softer and therefore of the best quality.

Marijuana contains a powerful compound called Delta 9, which many people enjoy for a feeling of euphoria. Hemp is one of two species from the world of cannabis plants. Incidentally, cannabis means "hemp" in Latin. Marijuana means the dried flower of the female plant with the active ingredient Delta-9 THC.


In addition to the two different sexes of the plant, there are completely different characteristics.

Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa

In science, two types of hemp are primarily known. The first variety is the Cannabis indica from South Asia. Due to its small size and high THC content, it is primarily used as an intoxicant. The second type is Cannabis Sativa, which is more native to the western regions. It grows significantly taller than the Cannabis Indica and has a significantly low THC content, which is why this variety is used today as a crop.

Here you will find our HHC cartridges with 94-99% pure HHC

Another often forgotten cannabis species - Cannabis ruderalis

The cannabis plant ruderalis mainly grows in colder regions, such as Russia. A special feature is that it is self-flowering and grows very quickly. It also produces few side branches and small leaves.

A bag of hemp seeds was found in a Mongolian tomb more than 2,400 years old. The scientists assume that these are ruderalis seeds. The variety is said to have been used by the Mongols in shamanic rituals to enter a trance-like state. The strain is still used today in Mongolia and Russia to treat depression.

It is very interesting for medicine because the cannabis plant has a relatively high CBD content and a low THC content. Therefore, ruderalis hybrids are suitable for medical applications when the therapeutic benefits of CBD are paramount.

Cannabis strains: Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis - These are the differences

In medicinal terms, these differences would be easily recognized by the fact that the Sativa species tends to trigger an activating effect.

True hemp (cannabis sativa) belongs to the plant genus hemp (cannabis) in the hemp family. The genus name Cannabis is mostly used, although Cannabis sativa is meant. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and the lesser-known cannabidiol (CBD) are believed to be responsible for the therapeutic effects of cannabis sativa. Other cannabinoids found in significant concentrations are cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinol (CBN) and cannabichromene (CBC).

The action of cannabinoids is based on their binding to cannabinoid receptors (CB), which exist in two forms in humans:

CB1: Localization mainly in the central nervous system
CB2: Localization mainly in the periphery and on immune cells

The two receptors must be activated by the body's own messenger substances. These messengers include the two endocannabinoids 2-arachidonylglycerol (2-AG) and anandamide. The cannabinoids modulate the body's endocannabinoid system.

THC acts as a partial agonist at the CB1 and CB2 receptors and mimics the action of endocannabinoids, which can regulate the action of neurotransmitters (e.g., by reducing the excitatory effect of the neurotransmitter). In addition, antagonistic effects on the serotonergic 5-HT3A receptor and allosteric modulations of the opioid receptors have been described for THC.

However, not all phytocannabinoids activate the CB receptors, but have partially opposite effects: some cannabinoids are agonists of the CB receptors, others either show no affinity or have an antagonistic effect, and still others act as modulators of THC.

Effect in MS and spasticity

In animal models of MS and spasticity, CB receptor agonists reduced limb stiffness and improved motor function. This effect can be prevented by CB antagonists and CB1 knockout mice show more severe spasticity.

The use of medicinal cannabis is contraindicated in:

Hypersensitivity to cannabis extracts or any of the excipients.
Patients with a known or suspected history or family history of schizophrenia or any other psychotic illness;
Patients with a history of severe personality disorder or another significant psychiatric disorder other than depression associated with their underlying condition.
Patients who are breastfeeding (in view of the significant amounts of cannabinoids likely to be present in breast milk and the possible developmental disorders in children).

Due to the lack of data, the treatment of children and adolescents should be considered very carefully, as it is considered certain that the long-term use of cannabis in adolescents has negative, sometimes irreversible effects on brain development. Elderly patients may experience more severe central nervous system and cardiovascular side effects. In patients with chronic hepatitis C, caution also seems necessary, since cannabinoids can promote the development of hepatic steatosis (fatty liver).

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Learn more about hexahydrocannabinol

Indica :

Indica differs from the sativa plant to the leaves. The sativa plant grows much wilder and bushier, which can usually be seen from the leaves. Sativa hemp tends to sport longer, narrower, and significantly lighter colored leaves. On the contrary, indica tends to develop significantly shorter, but wider and darker leaves.

The effect of sativa, as you can almost tell from the plant, is much more stimulating, you can feel energy, creativity or alertness, plus you usually have more of a need for sociability. It's completely different here again with the opponent Indica, which is more likely to transform into the so-called "couch potato". It is suddenly much more important to you to relax and carry out beneficial rituals, you also like to eat a little more because you can often get a big appetite. However, if you have already had to find your comfortable position on the couch with a lot of effort, it can also lead to falling asleep very quickly, since your tiredness can be greatly promoted when consuming indica hemp. So these are the differences between indica and sativa.

What is the effect of ruderalis cannabis?

Cannabis ruderalis is a type of cannabis plant that naturally contains little THC (Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol). The term ruderal comes from the Latin rudus (rubble). In the plant world, ruderal species are species that grow in spite of unfavorable conditions - whether due to human habitation in the growth areas or other natural disturbances of the area.
There is debate as to whether Cannabis ruderalis is a separate species or just a subspecies of Cannabis sativa. Because of the unique characteristics and phenotypes that distinguish Cannabis ruderalis from Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica, many researchers consider it a species of its own.

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For a long time, Cannabis ruderalis was only regarded as a wild plant which, in contrast to the cultivated plants Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica, has little use for humans and could not be cultivated. However, it has been used for some time to influence newer hybrid strains of cannabis. The plant's stability and short life cycle make Cannabis ruderalis attractive to growers looking to benefit from what are known as "autoflowering traits".

Cannabis ruderalis is believed to be a descendant of indica genetics that have adapted to the harsher climates and shorter growing times of northern regions. Thus, Cannabis ruderalis is mainly native to Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, where botanists classified ruderal vegetation plants that could withstand extreme conditions.
The main difference between Cannbis ruderalis and Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica is the flowering cycle. In the case of Cannabis ruderalis, for example, this is not determined by photoperiodism (dependence of plant growth on day length). Rather, a chronological maturation takes place, so that the flowering of Cannabis ruderalis can begin after 21 days and is completed after almost seven weeks.

What are the benefits of HHC?

The effects of HHC do not last as long as THC.
This makes HHC a perfect tool when you're relaxing for a while.

Because HHC is milder than THC, you won't feel drowsy or light-headed.
If you have a busy day and want to relax, HHC is here for you.

With HHC flower you get more than HHC.
Remember that HHC is actually legal industrial hemp rich in CBD/HHC.

When you smoke HHC, you also get stronger effects, such as:

Helps fall asleep
Better mood, euphoria
No more restless thoughts
increased appetite and digestion

What is the best way to store HHC flower?

HHC flowers should be stored dry, protected from light and protected from air. The best storage is in opaque and airtight packaging. The storage temperature should not be too warm and not too cold. The optimum temperature is around 18-20°C. If you pay attention to the right storage, the HHC flowers stay fresh for a long time. Keep out of reach of CHILDREN. We take responsibility for the contents while the packaging is still sealed. Once the packaging has been opened, Davivi assumes no responsibility for the contents. The same applies to our oil.

Our HHC flowers are grown indoors, of course these flowers are not real HHC flowers because, as mentioned in this article, they do not exist. Buy CBD HHC from Austria within Germany. Subscribe to our email newsletter so you don't miss any news and discounts. From an order value of 55€ you will always receive free shipping (except cash on delivery as the payment method used).

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